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First Look at Evernote's new AI Edit. A Deep Dive.


Hey there, it's new feature week!

Evernote is testing out an exciting new tool called Ai Edit, which is set to replace the Ai Cleanup feature. This tool seems to be a game-changer, offering a range of functionalities designed to enhance your note-taking experience.

From summarising notes in various styles to fixing typos and even translating content into different languages, Ai Edit is packed with useful features. So, if you're curious about how it all works, there's a video at the top of this page that gives a great overview. Plus, subscribe as I plan to create more videos in the future.

Let's dive into the details of this innovative tool and explore its incredible capabilities.

OK, I need to admit something, all the introduction above was written by the new Ai Edit tool and not changed apart from some British English spelling. Not bad eh!

Everything below is me... honest!

At the bottom of this post there’s a quick yes/no/meh poll about video content… If you have 2 seconds please respond, it helps.

What is Evernote Ai Edit?

Last May Evernote launched the Ai Cleanup tool which kind of tided up untidy notes. It was OK and worked alright. Sometimes it added bold formatting and bullets in strange places but it did seemed to work really well for recipes.

One thing it couldn't do was apply the cleanup to a selection of text, it was always the whole note.

Evernote have been taking feedback on the Ai Cleanup tool for a while now and its evolved in Ai Edit which is MUCH more useful and does the following:

  • Summarise a note as a paragraph, extended paragraph(s), bullet points, micro-post or email.

  • Fix speeling mistakes.

  • Writes introductions, conclusions and titles based on your notes.

  • Translates your note into many languages.

  • Changes the tone of your note.

This is still in the testing and beta phase so what you see may change slightly but to be fair, it’s working great!

The privacy side of Ai Edit

Like all the other Evernote Ai features Ai Edit only sends data to the Ai model when you tell it to. There's no hosepipe full of your notes being worked on by the Ai and Evernote do not train any models on your note information.

What happens is that when you select the text and click the Ai Edit action, only the selected text will be sent to the Ai model and then the answer returned.

Lets get into the different features.


To test things out I asked ChatGPT to create some generic meeting notes for me to work on and I'm also using last weeks article about the Evernote Legacy apps being shut down.

The idea of Summarise is to create different styles of summaries for your notes, reports or articles and I've been using this in real life, it works well.

This is what Summarise does:


This will create a single paragraph summary based on your notes. I've run it on my meeting note and it gave me this:


This will give you more than one paragraph and sometimes some little headings based on your note.


This function will turn your note into some bullet points.


This feature is quite interesting as it creates a social media style post from your note that includes emoji's and hashtags. I've tested Micro using last weeks article.


I think this will be useful for a lot of folk who write reports. You can summarise the note as an email. Back to the meeting notes for this one.

Fix Typos

This works really well but from what I can tell its in US English so it adds lots of zeds and esses! Double check this before sending work onto someone. I've mentioned it in the feedback to Evernote.

Help Me Write

I think the actions under Help Me Write are going to be useful for a lot of folk. Its sometimes quite tedious to come up with introductions and titles to reports and notes so this will help.


This will create a short introduction to your note. If you're writing a report you can just concentrate on the main content of the report and then get the introduction written for you.


Same goes for the conclusion. Just write the report and get the Ai to create the conclusion for you.


Coming up with a descriptive title for reports, articles and to be honest anything else is hard work. Get some ideas from Ai Edit. Back to last weeks article again for this one.


This will be useful for a lot of folk who deal in multiple languages. Right now you can translate your notes into:

  • English

  • Spanish

  • French

  • German

  • Chinese

  • Japanese

  • Russian

  • Italian

  • Portuguese

  • Arabic

  • Hindi

  • Turkish

  • Indonesian

  • Vietnamese

  • Korean

To test out the translate function I thought I'd enlist the help of a native Portuguese speaker so I gave fellow Evernote Certified Expert Vlad Campos a quick shout-out on Mastodon.

Change Tone

The change the tone section is not working as yet but I think its there to make your note content more friendly, official or another style of writing. Will shall wait and see.

Conclusion (written by Ai Edit & not changed)

In conclusion, the new Ai Edit feature from Evernote seems promising and more versatile than its predecessor, Ai Cleanup. With its ability to summarize, fix typos, help with writing, translate, and potentially change the tone of notes, it offers a range of useful functions. Moreover, the emphasis on privacy and selective data sharing adds to its appeal. It will be interesting to see how this tool evolves and becomes even more beneficial for users in the future.

Not bad eh, apart from the Z in summarise!? Will you use this much when you get it?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


Have a great weekend

All the best


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