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Me And My Evernote With Vlad Campos

Me And My Evernote With Vlad Campos

Vlad Campos is possibly the nicest person you can spend time with and he's a little bit famous especially within the Evernote and productivity world. A lot of us will have seen his brilliant YouTube channel.

To have Vlad on in the first episode of The Triple 'T' Productivity Podcast is an absolute delight and we get to dig into Vlad's own productivity methods and learn about his secret procrastination.

We talk about when he first found Evernote and, like me, was a little confused by it all. We also chat about Evernote Home, tags, Ai and his thoughts on the Bending Spoons takeover of Evernote.

This is a great chat so make yourself a coffee and sit down with Vlad for half an hour.

You can find Vlad on his website, YouTube channel, LinkedIn and Mastodon.

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