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Productivity. It's all in your mind! A chat with Dr Melissa Gratias.

Productivity. It's all in your mind! A chat with Dr Melissa Gratias.

What a brilliant chat with Dr Melissa Gratias. I learnt a lot and I'm pretty sure you will too.

Melissa is a Dr of Psychology, her PhD was in industrial organisational psychology, which is the study of workplace behaviour and since 2007 she's helped businesspeople worldwide be more focused, balanced, and productive.

She describes herself as "a recovering perfectionist, a proponent of mimicking Dissociative Identity Disorder as a way to prioritise a task list, and an off-the-charts extravert.", so as you can imagine, this is a great high energy chat.

Are we born productive or unproductive? Melissa gives us her thoughts on this and shares how folks with higher levels of conscientiousness tend to perform tasks better and are slightly more organised.

We also talk time management tips, giving yourself permission to 'not remember' things and I was fascinated that back in the early 1900s we could only remember 7 (+/- 2) things simultaneously. Imagine what that number is now!

You can connect with Melissa on LinkedIn and her website plus a whole host of other social platforms. Here's some links, give them a tap.







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Taming The Trunk
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